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Windows Loughborough, Leicestershire

Southworth are proud to be the supplier of choice in these regions, and our high standing reputation has been built on our competitive pricing, professionalism, and the quality of our products and fittings. We do not employ salesmen or do any cold calling, we just offer good value service. With the advent of privatisation and rapidly increasing heating bills, our aim is to help our customers permanently reduce the amount of fuel they need. To that end, we use ‘B’ WER BFRC energy Pilkington ENERGIKARETM glass sealed units, which have a ‘B’ WER BFRC energy rating.

Wide range of windows


Sash windows are wonderful if you would like your house or flat to depict a historical period look, and are a popular choice for people with Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian homes. These charming designs look like the classic ones which first came about three hundred years ago, but incorporate the necessary benefits of all that double glazing has to offer. The materials include: traditionally designed classic white uPVC and timber; and Georgian bars can be added to give the windows even more character.


If you would like your home to have a classic modern or rustic look, then casement is an exciting option. Not only will you have energy efficiency and warmth; you will also have heightened security. With a security rating that exceeds the British Standard threshold, their design makes them one of the most secure forms of double glazed windows available. There is a choice of first-class casement materials including: classic white uPVC, aluminium, and real timber.

Casement Window
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High Efficiency

This superior form of double-glazing used by Southworth has an HR-coating on the air cavity, and the hollow space between the panes of glass are filled with argon gas, both of which determine the U-value classification. This means that more cold is kept out, and excess heat is moderated.

Energy Rating

Leaded Windows

If you are looking for something different, then diamond, square, or rectangular lead light designs are something to consider, as are the unique Tudor and Elizabethan patterns. The good news with these fittings is that if you have large panes, there is not a noticeable amount of difference in the amount of natural light entering and brightening your home.

Double & Triple Glazing

Our easy maintenance, expertly crafted double and triple glazing is the best on the market, and can be customised to perfectly fit your installation areas; it also boasts prestigious shoot bolt locking which ensures high level security.

If your property is in Loughborough or Leicestershire, please contact us so that we can tell you about the wonderful transformation we can make to your home for a competitive cost you will be sure to appreciate.

Double Glazing
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